This modified Nissan Leaf with bonkers aero ready to tackle Pikes Peak


Leaf is known as an car that is usually used in urban areas. However, this car can also be used for . This is proven by the Samurai Speed ​​racing team.

The was modified in such a way to take part in the International Hill Climb racing event.

Quoted from, Sunday (19/6/2022), the e+ is equipped with a variety of aerodynamic devices. Start with a large front spoiler, skirts, large wings, and diffuser.

In addition to being converted into two doors, the electric car is also reduced in weight by removing components that are not needed for racing.

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Samurai Speed ​​uses all of its experience in the world of racing with a focus on reducing weight. Unfortunately, it is not explained how much weight is removed.

Previously, Samurai Speed ​​had also relied on the Nissan Leaf e+ in 2021. However, the appearance was not equipped with aerodynamic devices, as used this year.

The participation of electric cars at Pikes Peak has been done several times before. The first time was done in the ’80s. In 2018, VW I.D. R managed to beat Pikes Peak with a record time of 7 minutes 57.148 seconds.

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