Tesla is close to opening its US Superchargers to other EVs, applies for funds

tesla charger - Tesla is close to opening its US Superchargers to other EVs, applies for funds

is reportedly getting closer to building its network in the United States for use by non-Tesla .

Tesla reportedly recently applied for more public grants to expand its Supercharger network on condition that it can be used by non-Tesla owners, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Currently, the use of supercharger networks for non-Tesla electric vehicles is limited in several European countries. Tesla is already planning to open Supercharger network access for all electric vehicles globally.

Today Tesla has adopted the CCS standard in like all other automakers, and its Supercharger stations are equipped with CCS connectors. In order to be used by other electric vehicle brands, the Tesla Supercharger network only needs to open its software compatibility.

In North America, Tesla uses its proprietary connector for its Supercharger stations. This is done to prevent non-Tesla EV owners from using the Supercharger network and restrict Tesla owners to the Supercharger network for unless they can get a CHAdeMO or CCS adapter.

The Wall Street Journal said in a report that Tesla plans to use federal money to build its Supercharger network on the condition that it can also be used for other EV brands.

This further reinforces the fact that Tesla is likely planning to make it happen before the end of 2022. In June, the White House indicated Tesla would be opening up its Supercharger network to other automotive brands as “new Supercharger gear” was in production.