Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Tesla Cybertrucks Vandalized with Anti-Elon Musk Graffiti in Florida Parking Lot

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A parking lot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, became the site of vandalism against Tesla Cybertrucks, with several vehicles defaced with graffiti targeting Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The incident, captured in posts on social media platforms like X and Instagram, showed Cybertrucks ready for delivery covered in paint with the words “F**k Elon.”

The graffiti appears to reflect the strong polarizing views that people often hold towards both the Cybertruck and Elon Musk. This sentiment is not new, as similar language has been used by Musk critics on social media, echoing comments made by former CA Assemblywoman Lorena S. Gonzales in 2020.

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The act of vandalism sparked widespread criticism, with many condemning the damage to private property, regardless of one’s feelings towards Musk or his actions. While the graffiti may be easily removable from the stainless steel Cybertrucks, it has raised concerns about the security of Tesla’s vehicle delivery lots.

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Members of the electric vehicle community, including the Cybertruck Owners Club, have suggested that Tesla should enhance security measures at its delivery lots to prevent similar incidents in the future. The lack of security presence at the Fort Lauderdale parking lot highlights the need for better protection of Tesla vehicles, especially given their polarizing nature and the increased scrutiny faced by Musk.

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