Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Tesla Commences Deliveries of Refreshed Model S in Japan After a Two-Year Wait

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After a patient two-year wait since its initial deliveries in the United States, Tesla has begun handing over its updated Model S to eager customers in Japan. The company unveiled this much-anticipated moment on its official Twitter account, marking a milestone for Tesla enthusiasts in the Land of the Rising Sun. Orders for the revamped Model S opened approximately four months ago in May 2023, sparking excitement among Japanese consumers.

One standout feature of Tesla’s offering in Japan is the inclusion of three years of complimentary unlimited supercharging for those who purchase the Model S and Model X. This enticing offer has been met with enthusiasm from the local clientele, who are now experiencing the thrill of receiving their long-awaited electric vehicles.

One Tesla enthusiast, who goes by the Twitter handle @uCCIcreatist/X, couldn’t contain his joy: “While the world is excited about the iPhone 15, Tesla’s new Model S was quietly officially delivered in Japan today. I went to Ariake for a car delivery event and got it. It was worth the nearly two and a half years of waiting, and it’s a truly amazing brand. I want to enjoy Tesla life from now on.”

It’s worth noting that Tesla’s Japanese rollout is exclusive to left-hand drive (LHD) vehicles, with no plans in sight for right-hand drive offerings. While this decision may have disappointed some potential buyers, it has not dampened the enthusiasm of many Tesla aficionados in the country. In fact, owning a left-hand drive car is often considered a status symbol in Japanese culture, further fueling the appeal of Tesla’s latest offerings.

For those eyeing the new Model S, pricing in Japan starts at Â¥12,969,000 (approximately $87,480). Meanwhile, the souped-up Model S Plaid kicks off at Â¥15,969,000 (around $107,700). Tesla’s Model X lineup starts at Â¥14,469,000 (about $97,780), with the high-performance Model X Plaid starting at Â¥16,669,000 (approximately $112,440). As Japanese customers finally get behind the wheel of their Model S vehicles, Tesla continues to leave its mark on the global electric vehicle landscape, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs and desires of electric car enthusiasts worldwide.

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