Stromer Unveils Feature-Rich ST3 E-Bike, Marrying Commuter Convenience with High-Performance Design


Swiss electric manufacturer , a stalwart in the industry since 2009, continues its legacy with the urban-centric ST3 model. Recognized with a Red Dot Award in 2022, the ST3 exemplifies the brand's commitment to premium, high-quality e-bikes tailored for the commuter market.

Embracing a utilitarian ethos, the ST3's aluminum frame, offered in Sport and Comfort configurations, boasts an urban-focused geometry. The Comfort variant, with slightly taller handlebars, prioritizes an even more upright riding position. Notably, the ST3 lacks built-in suspension, though upgrades like an upside-down fork and Kinekt suspension seatpost are available at an additional cost.

Under the hood, the ST3 packs a formidable Syno Drive II rear hub motor, delivering 820 watts of power and achieving a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour (28 miles per hour). Its 48-volt, 814-watt-hour propels the up to 150 kilometers (93 miles) on a single charge, with an extended 983-watt-hour option for riders seeking a of 112 miles.

In the components department, the ST3 Shimano components in its 11-speed drivetrain, with premium upgrades available, such as a Pinion internal gearbox and Blubrake ABS. Pirelli Cycl-e ST tires, Stromer HD942 hydraulic disc brakes, and a built-in rear luggage rack capable of carrying 22.5 kilos (50 pounds) round out the bike's hardware.

The ST3 is not only about mechanics; it embraces with smartphone integration, a dedicated mobile app, and real-time GPS tracking for enhanced security. Integrated LED lights and an informative display cater to night riders. However, this advanced package comes at a premium, with a base retail of 7,290 euros (approximately $7,700 USD), and potential for exceeding $10,000 USD with optional upgrades. Stromer's ST3 stands as a testament to the intersection of cutting-edge features and a substantial price point in the evolving landscape of e-bikes.

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