Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Stellantis Plans Over €1 Billion Investment in Spanish Plants for Electric Small Cars

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Stellantis is reportedly set to make a significant investment of more than one billion euros in its Spanish production facilities located in Vigo and Zaragoza. The purpose of this substantial investment is to enable the production of electric small cars, utilizing the STLA Small platform, starting from the year 2025. However, it has been confirmed that no electric vehicles will be manufactured on the new platform in Madrid.

This development comes to light through sources familiar with Stellantis’ investment plans, as reported by Spain’s largest daily newspaper, El País. Rumors of such investment had already circulated back in June. Furthermore, it has been revealed that the STLA Small platform implementation will not extend to the Madrid factory, which is the smallest of the three Stellantis plants in Spain.

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The decision to manufacture small electric cars in Spain raises the likelihood of Stellantis establishing a battery production facility in the country. Micky Bly, the Head of Global Propulsion Systems at Stellantis, recently indicated to Reuters the company’s intent to expand its global battery production capacity, increasing it from the initially announced 250 gigawatt hours to an impressive 400 GWh.

The STLA platform was introduced by Stellantis shortly after its formation in 2021. The STLA Small platform, designed for micro and compact cars, is set to replace the second generation of the e-CMP platform. This innovative platform is expected to enable a minimum range of 500 kilometers for passenger cars in segments A, B, and C. Additionally, there are also plans for the STLA Medium platform for passenger cars in segments C and D, and the STLA Large platform for passenger cars in segments D and E, offering ranges of up to 700 and 800 kilometers, respectively. In 2024, the fourth Stellantis platform, known as STLA Frame, will cater to large SUVs and pickup trucks, boasting battery electric vehicle (BEV) ranges of at least 500 kilometers.

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As of now, Stellantis has not officially commented on the reports concerning the production of small STLA models in Spain. According to media reports, the formal announcement of this plan is expected “in November at the earliest.” The company is also reportedly seeking state financial support for the conversion of its Vigo and Zaragoza plants, having applied for subsidies totaling 150 million euros under the Perte support program.

Stellantis currently produces the Opel Corsa and the Peugeot e-208 in Spain. In light of these recent developments, France may seek to relocate the production of the Peugeot e-208, as it is not built on the new STLA platform. However, it’s worth noting that Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares declined such a project back in July. Nevertheless, in June, Stellantis did transfer the assembly of the electric Peugeot to Spain, where it is being manufactured at the Zaragoza plant.

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