Friday, July 12, 2024

Sono Motors Sion specifications : Everything you need to know

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After going through many trials, Sono Motors finally showed off the final form of its newest EV and will soon enter the mass production stage.

Sion, the name of the EV car, has been prepared by Sono since around 2017. From 2017 until finally its release, the German car manufacturer has made 37 prototypes.

From the published photos, the Sion looks to have received a revision of the car’s interior and exterior, which includes changes to the taillights, door handles, charging port, and rear fascia.

In the interior of the car, Sono will change the model of the steering wheel and seats and redesign the interior of the Sion to increase storage space.

Branded as a solar car, the Sion is covered with 456 half integrated solar cells, which are spread throughout the body from the left-right, top and rear door front hood.

The solar cells will collect power from the sun and allow the EV to travel farther without having to charge the battery.

As for the battery, the Zion uses a 54 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery which has a range of about 190 miles.

With the energy generated by the solar cells, Sono hopes it can be used to extend trips up to 70 miles, and up to 152 miles, every week.

The Zion is scheduled to be built in Valmet Automotive, Finland. In addition, the Zion will be priced at $25,628 dollars.

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