Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Skarper Debuts Innovative E-Bike Conversion Kit, Leveraging Rear Disc Brake System

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Skarper has officially launched its eagerly awaited e-bike conversion kit, a unique entry in the market that harnesses the power of the bike’s rear disc brake. Initially introduced in 2022, production of the innovative conversion kit began in 2023, and the product is now available for purchase.

Distinguishing itself from a plethora of bicycle conversion kits, Skarper’s e-bike kit stands out by utilizing the bicycle’s disc brake system to propel the converted e-bike. The kit includes a sleek 4kg clip-on mount designed to seamlessly integrate the motor, battery, and electronics into the bicycle.

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Mounted on the bike’s chainstay, the compact unit utilizes the disc brake to drive the rear wheel, avoiding the need for intricate modifications to the bike itself—a departure from traditional conversion kits. This approach ensures a straightforward and hassle-free transformation of a standard bicycle into an e-bike while preserving the bike’s original integrity.

A noteworthy feature of the Skarper e-bike kit is its distinctive method of engaging the disc brake, which does not interfere with the braking surface. By making contact with a section of the disc closer to the hub, the kit necessitates the replacement of the bike’s disc rotor with the Skarper rotor. However, Skarper assures that this alteration does not significantly impact the bike’s performance when the kit is detached, enabling riders to effortlessly revert to pedal power.

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Adhering to European regulations, the Skarper kit boasts a power output of 250W, delivering a maximum assisted speed of 25km/h. Activation of the motor is linked to pedaling, as the kit excludes a throttle. The kit offers a range of 50km on a single charge, and the battery can be fully recharged in 2.5 hours.

Despite its price tag of £1,295 ($1,650), the initial batch of Skarper’s e-bike kits has already sold out, indicating a strong market reception. The company is currently accepting pre-orders, with an anticipated delivery date in the near future.

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