Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Serbia Plans Installation of 80 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Serbia has unveiled plans to install 80 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations along its motorways by May next year, in a bid to enhance its infrastructure for sustainable transportation.

The tender for these charging stations was conducted by the transport ministry and state-operated road operator Putevi Srbije. Transport Minister Goran Vesic outlined that the stations will be located at 16 “green oases” within existing motorway rest areas, each accommodating between 5 and 20 charging points with a minimum capacity of 150 kW.

“We aim to provide convenient and efficient charging options for EV users across our motorway network,” Minister Vesic stated.

The Serbian government has set interim targets, aiming to establish six charging hubs by the end of November 2024, offering a total of 30 charging stations. Subsequently, plans call for the installation of two charging hubs per month over the following five months, with the goal of completing all 80 stations by May 2025.

While Serbia has been slower compared to some European nations in developing public EV infrastructure, recent initiatives, such as electrifying the postal service fleet since August 2023, underscore its commitment to embracing electric mobility. The nation also hosts several battery manufacturers, including InoBat and ElevenES, contributing to local industry growth.

The planned deployment of these charging stations is expected to significantly improve Serbia’s infrastructure for electric vehicles, supporting the country’s efforts towards sustainable transportation solutions.

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