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Rungu Dualie electric bike : Specifications, Range, and Price

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Rungu Dualie is offered in five variants. As for the interesting thing, this vehicle has two front wheels and is equipped with LED headlights and an LCD instrument console.

The bike is propelled by an electric powertrain that can propel it down a steep 27-degree gradient.

The Rungu Dualie is a tricycle that is intended for off-roading and offers a decent look.

The Rungu Dualie has wide handlebars, a one-piece saddle, pedals and an optional trailer trailer for towing small strollers.

The vehicle has an LCD instrument console, LED headlights and spoke wheels covered in Maxxis tires, which are intended for driving on rough roads. This bike features black paint with orange accents on the frame.

The Rungu Dualie carries a 52V electric motor in the middle which is connected to a battery that varies between 780-936 Wh. This setup produces 328 Nm of torque at the rear wheels. However, the range of this vehicle has not been revealed.

To ensure driver safety, the Rungu Dualie is equipped with dual disc brakes at the front and single disc brakes at the rear. No CBS or ABS for better handling.

On the other hand, the suspension task on this electric bike is handled by two pairs of adjustable forks at the front.

In the US, the Rungu Dualie electric bike starts at $4,899.

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