Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Rotwild Unveils Cutting-Edge R.R275 X E-Gravel Bike with Integrated Power Unit (IPU) and Versatile Features

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Rotwild, known for its technical innovation and flawless design, has unveiled its latest addition to the e-bike lineup, the R.R275 X, representing a remarkable breakthrough in the world of e-gravel bikes. With a focus on blending the rider’s biomechanical power with discreet and continuous support from the Integrated Power Unit (IPU), this e-gravel bike breaks new ground.

The R.R275 X showcases the brand’s dedication to “technical innovation through sporting ambition and perfect design.” It exudes the spirit of a racing bike while being versatile enough to conquer various terrains, including asphalt, forest paths, gravel roads, and trails. Notably, it boasts a distinctive design and features an integrated 1,000 lumen high beam and rear light, enhancing both aesthetics and safety. The bike also offers ample tire clearance of 50 mm.

Under the hood, the Rotwild R.R275 X is powered by the HPR50 motor from TQ, delivering an impressive torque of up to 50 Nm and a 250 W output. For those moments when a burst of extra power is needed, the Boost Button on the left side of the handlebars can provide an additional 300 W for up to 30 seconds. The integrated battery packs 252 Wh of energy, with an optional 160 Wh range extender for those seeking extended riding capabilities.

The R.R275 X is available in two distinct equipment configurations: Pro and Ultra. Both versions feature carbon wheels, expertly crafted by specialist Xentis, boasting 28 inches, a 622 mm diameter, and 25 mm for internal dimensions. Additionally, they come equipped with 1×12 gears, with the Pro variant utilizing the Shimano GRX series and the Ultra model featuring the electronic SRAM Force AXS. The Rotwild R.R275 X Pro is priced at an RRP of EUR 8,999 (~US$9,600), while the Ultra version is available at EUR 11,999 (~US$12,800).

This latest innovation from Rotwild demonstrates the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of e-bike technology, offering a new level of integration between human power and electric assistance in a package that exudes performance and style.

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