Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Rivian Unveils Teaser for R2 SUV Ahead of March 7 Unveiling

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Rivian has announced the date for the highly anticipated unveiling of its R2 SUV, which promises to offer a more affordable alternative to its predecessor, the R1S. The official debut of the R2 is scheduled for March 7, likely to take place at Rivian’s flagship store in Laguna Beach, California.

As anticipation builds, the company has initiated a teaser campaign for the upcoming model. A recent post on social media showcases the driver instruments display seen through the steering wheel of the R2.

Notably, the Rivian logo is prominently displayed on the steering wheel, while the screen appears to be smaller in comparison to the R1S model. This observation suggests a potential correlation between the vehicle’s size and the size of its display screen.

The R2 SUV is expected to come with a more accessible price tag compared to its predecessor. Initial targets indicated a starting price of around €37,000, although potential revisions may have occurred since then. More details regarding pricing and specifications are anticipated to be revealed during the March 7 event.

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