Rivian releases “Soft Sand Mode”, ninth drive mode for their EVs

Rivian Soft Sand Mode - Rivian releases "Soft Sand Mode", ninth drive mode for their EVs

has just announced a new feature of the ninth mode for their vehicles, Soft Sand Mode. The ninth mode allows Rivian vehicles to optimize traction and stability control in deep sand.

Soft sand mode is Rivian’s ninth . Four for the highway, and now five for those who want to go off-road.

The following is Rivian’s explanation on his website regarding Soft Sand Mode:

The driver’s inputs are softened, throttle mapping tuned to initiate and maintain momentum over sand by allowing a gradual buildup of throttle at low speeds and then a more aggressive delivery at higher speeds, softer regenerative braking is available to the driver to avoid digging into the surface . The ’s damping and ride characteristics are tuned for over the rough, undulating surface of wind-blown sand at high speeds, soaking up ruts and holes.

Soft Sand mode is said to work well in deep sand, especially dunes. This driving mode helps the driver regain momentum and release the vehicle by moving large amounts of sand around each wheel in a controlled manner.

Rivian notes for the use of this mode. Rivian drivers should not use Soft Sand Mode for most off-road terrain.

Soft Sand mode is only used for deep sand and dunes. Both the Rivian and will have a new soft sand mode.