Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Rimac Launches Verne, a New Level 4 Autonomous Electric Car Brand

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Rimac has unveiled Verne, a new brand aimed at revolutionizing the autonomous electric vehicle market. Scheduled for a 2026 debut in Zagreb, Verne marks Rimac’s pivot from hypercars to driverless technology, emphasizing passenger-centric design and customization.

The new venture, announced at Rimac’s Croatian headquarters, introduces a two-seater vehicle optimized for comfort and safety under Mobileye’s level 4 autonomy system. According to Verne executives, the platform represents a departure from traditional automotive designs, catering exclusively to autonomous driving.

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Credit: Verne

“The vehicle is built on a completely new platform designed around safety and comfort, engineered solely for autonomous driving using the Mobileye Drive autonomous platform,” a Verne spokesperson stated. “It is completely rethought, conceived, designed, and engineered as a safe and comfortable autonomous vehicle.”

Verne’s approach includes extensive passenger amenities such as a sophisticated sound system and a large display with a user interface tailored to various passenger preferences, despite lacking a traditional driver.

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Credit: Verne

The brand aims to redefine the ride-hailing experience through advanced customization options. “Customers can personalize the vehicle’s settings via app before ordering a ride,” Verne explained. “The vehicle will be set exactly how you like it with the comfort, lighting, temperature, and even scent.”

Verne plans to launch initially in Zagreb, with expansion into European and Middle Eastern markets soon after. The company anticipates leveraging the benefits of an autonomous connected fleet to ensure efficient and reliable service across different urban landscapes.

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