Friday, July 12, 2024

Renault launches Trafic Van E-Tech Electric, range up to 240 km

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The electrification trend touches almost all vehicle segments. The light commercial vehicle segment is no exception. More and more manufacturers are producing light commercial vehicles with electric powertrains.

Renault, a French manufacturer, has just added an electric variant to the light commercial vehicle segment by launching the production-ready Trafic Van E-Tech Electric.

This electric van is based on the fourth generation Trafic which was first introduced in 2020. From the outside this electric variant is almost the same as the model with an internal combustion engine.

The E-Tech Electric Trafic Van comes in two different lengths, either 5,080 mm (200 inches) or 5,480 mm (215.7 inches) long, and two different heights, either 1,967 mm (77.4 inches) or 2,498 mm ( 98.3 inches) tall. The E-Tech Electric Trafic Van comes with cargo volumes ranging from 5.8-8.9 cubic meters (204.8-314.3 cubic feet), while cabin floor variants are also available for conversion.

The Traffic Van E-Tech Electric uses a single motor that produces 121 hp (90 kW / 122 PS). The E-Tech Electric Trafic Van has a towing capacity of 750 kg (1,654 lb) and a maximum load of 1,100 kg (2,425 lb).

This electric van comes with a 52 kWh battery which can give a WLTP range of 240 km (149 miles). The battery can be charged via 7kW AC, 22kW AC, or the optional 50 kW DC fast charger.

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