Monday, July 15, 2024

Reinova unveils To-Move electric scooter made in bamboo

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Reinova has just introduced the To-Move, a modular foldable electric scooter made of bamboo. The folding electric motorcycle is the vision of Andrea Strippoli owner Reinova. To-Move was designed with a Polytechnic in Turin, making functionality one of its strengths. Such as the practical folding function, so that users can fold it themselves and transport it easily like a trolley, put it in the trunk of a car or load it on public transportation such as buses and trains, with a clear advantage in terms of mobility.

Although it is only at the prototype stage unfortunately, there are currently no exact specifications available regarding this exciting electric vehicle, which is only the first of several projects that will follow To-Move.

Giuseppe Corcione, CEO of Reinova and President of To-Move, describes his approach to this new adventure in zero-emissions mobility as follows:

“I decided to make this start-up even though it was only 3 people with a love for ideas, passion and creativity. I felt the need to support the development of new mobility in Italy and to create a completely new vehicle platform driven by futuristic ideas that respect the circular economy. ”

“To-Move is just the first example of how Reinova can contribute to creating and changing industrial realities by not addressing the issue of what is missing but by focusing on what can be built, seizing the opportunities that this massive industrial revolution has created. Connectivity, sharing, sustainability and modularity are the pillars of this ambitious project combined with Italian creativity and the improvement of Made in Italy. ”

Andrea Strippoli, Chief Executive Officer of To-Move, “Finding people, managers and entrepreneurs who believe in a project, in design and in the spirit of 3 people is a positive surprise. To-Move will bring ideas and dreams to life, will give substance to different mobility concepts and will do so with the professionalism, competence and agility of Reinova professionals. We will be fast, agile and most importantly always innovative. ”

“We will be guided by curiosity to express in products what nature shows us! To-Move was born to combine Italian ideas and products. Reinova and e-power will contribute technology to the development of the Powertrain. We will deliver the dress with the best Italian technology.”

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