Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Porsche recall 40,421 Taycan EVs globally due to seat harness issue

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Porsche recalled 40,421 Taycans produced between 10 July 2019, and 18 May 2021. This is another major recall that affects half of the current Porsche Taycans on roads worldwide.

The recall was made in connection with a fault with the internal code “ANA5” associated with the driver and passenger seat wiring harness.

The cable harness may be damaged during routine longitudinal adjustment of the seat. Withdrawal with a similar problem has also been carried out by Porsche in China.

Problems with the harness can cause the airbags and seat belt tensioner to be disabled. The recall had to be made as it relates to a safety issue, to ensure it was fixed on his vehicle.

Porsche will immediately contact the affected Taycan owners for the next steps.

Previously, Porsche also recalled the 43,000 Taycan because it could experience a sudden loss of power. The fix for that recall is a software update.

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