Friday, July 12, 2024

PikaBoost Conversion Kit : convert any traditional bike into an electric bike

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Electric bicycles are one type of sustainable transportation that is the choice, especially for the younger generation. However, the high price makes some people still use conventional bicycles as a transportation option.

However, if you want to try the thrill of riding an electric bicycle, maybe you should try the PikaBoost conversion kit which will turn your manual bicycle into an electric bicycle.

For just $299 (early bird promo), you can turn any old bike into an e-bike by simply tying it to your seatpost.

PikaBoost is an electric bicycle booster that can be installed tool-free between the seat post and the wheels of your bicycle to power the bike.

The PikaBoost designed by the American company Livall has an IP66 waterproof rating and an integrated terrain change detection system.

The device can automatically maintain an average speed determined by your terrain and power output, providing additional assistance during steep inclines.

On a single charge, the device can provide an additional range of about 30 kilometers, or 19 miles. Plus, its only three kilograms weight means you can easily store it in your backpack or bag when not in use.

The internal regenerative system in this device can provide additional battery capacity when going downhill. Other smart features include an auto-sensing red light, which turns on when it detects you’re slowing down or can be set to provide a constant glow in the dark.

Charging is estimated to take around three hours, and can be used as a phone charger while driving. PikaBoost has three driving modes you can choose from—Hold, Roll, and Sport.

A wireless Bluetooth lock reduces the risk of your PikaBoost being stolen, and built-in smart drop and slip detection helps keep you safe.

The PikaBoost kit will launch in November 2022 via a Kickstarter campaign. Prices start at US$299 and include a limited period discount.

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