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Oslo aims to have world’s first all-electric public transport network

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The city of Oslo in Norway has been widely known as a great place to enjoy the mountains, forests, lakes, cliffs, and fjords that surround the entire city. Besides being filled with natural wonders, Oslo will also be the first capital city in the world to use an all-electric public transportation system.

The policy on the use of electric vehicles is part of the Norwegian capital’s big goal of becoming the world’s first emission-free city by 2030.

In the near future or by the end of 2023, Oslo targets to have an electric public transport network after signing an agreement to replace diesel-fueled buses with 450 new electric buses.

Osli deputy mayor in charge of environment and transport Sirin Stav said the new buses being introduced were part of a 500 million Croner plan that would save Norway’s capital in the long run.

“Maintenance is cheaper, it’s also cheaper for electric bus operators. Overall, it’s a win-win situation,” Stav said.

During the tender, the price of electric buses was about five percent cheaper than diesel with equivalent conditions. In addition, plans to completely electrify the public transport network aim to improve air quality and reduce noise.

Most of Oslo’s public transport network, including buses, trams and ferries, is powered by electricity.

Oslo has been aiming to become the world’s first emission-free city by 2030. The Norwegian capital’s efforts reach out to cities around the world trying to cut emissions and air pollution.

This Nordic country has also been a pioneer in adopting electric transportation in the world. In 2020 it became the first country in the world where electric cars accounted for more than 50 percent of new registrations.

Ingvild Roerholt, transportation inquiries adviser for environmental group Zero Emission Resource Organization (ZERO) praised the Oslo electric bus deal.

“However, it is important that Oslo goes forward to ensure there is transparency in how much emissions are associated with the production of these ferries and vehicles,” said Roerholt.

Please note, the public transportation system in Oslo itself is quite extensive, timely, and affordable. All public transport in Oslo operates on a public ticket system, allowing free transfers within an hour with regular tickets.

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