Monday, July 15, 2024

Nissan become carbon neutral by 2050

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Nissan seems to be seriously working on its electric-powered car. In fact, the Japanese manufacturer is determined to stop selling conventional-engined cars by 2050.

Quoted from Nikkei Asia, Nissan’s strategy is revealed in the Nissan Ambition 2030 plan which describes the company’s long-term targets, including switching to electric power.

“Nissan places electrification at the center of our strategy towards Nissan Ambition 2030,” said Nissan President and CEO, Makoto Uchida at a virtual press conference some time ago.

In the plan, by 2026 the Japanese manufacturer targets that around 55% of its new car sales in Japan will be powered by electricity, while 40% will dominate the automotive market in China.

Meanwhile in the United States, Nissan’s electric car is expected to dominate the sales market by up to 40%, which is targeted to be realized by 2030.

Regarding electric cars, now Nissan already has LEAF and Ariya. Especially for LEAF, this EV car has been around for 10 years and the latest generation, the All New Nissan LEAF, was officially introduced in Indonesia last August.

Nissan’s current focus is moving deeper into the competitive electric car industry. The company also said it was working on a cobalt-free technology to cut the cost of producing lithium-ion liquid batteries by more than 65 percent by 2028.

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