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NIO delivered 10,059 electric vehicles in October 2022, increasing by 174.3% year-over-year

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NIO has just announced the delivery of their electric vehicles for October 2022 with the company to be announcing financial results for the third quarter on November 10, 2022

By October 2022, NIO delivered 10,059 electric vehicles to their customers. This number increased by 174.3% compared to October last year.

Of the 10,059 electric vehicles delivered to consumers, there were 5,979 electric SUVs and 4,080 electric sedans. In October 2022, ES7 electric SUVs were delivered to consumers as many as 2,814 units, while the ET7 electric sedans were delivered as many as 3,050 units, and ET5 delivered 1,030 units.

The production and delivery of vehicles is constrained by supply chain issues due to the COVID-19 situation in certain regions of China. Cumulative deliveries of NIO vehicles totaled 259,563 as of October 31, 2022.

In October, NIO launched the ET7, EL7 and ET5 for the European market at NIO Berlin 2022. These products are gradually becoming available to order in Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden through NIO Subscriptions, leasing programs, and direct sales to users. .

The announced shipment volume represents vehicle shipments through direct sales to users as well as to leasing program partners in Europe in accordance with the Company’s vehicle sales revenue recognition policy.

Vehicles under the NIO Subscription in Europe are recognized as an asset on the Company’s balance sheet but are not accounted for in the declared delivery volume.

NIO investing US$273 mil for new battery tech company in China

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