Monday, July 22, 2024

Neta Auto’s September Deliveries Reach 13,211, Showing a 26.63% Year-on-Year Decline

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Neta Auto, the automotive manufacturer, has released its latest delivery figures, indicating a mixed performance in September, marked by a month-to-month increase but a substantial year-on-year decline.

According to figures disclosed by the company, Neta Auto delivered 13,211 vehicles in September. This represented a modest but noteworthy 9.15 percent increase compared to the previous month, August. However, it’s crucial to note that this figure also signifies a notable 26.63 percent drop in deliveries when compared to the same month in the previous year.

Expanding the scope to the third quarter as a whole, Neta Auto reported a total of 35,353 vehicle deliveries. This translates to a significant 26.44 percent year-on-year decrease and a more marginal 2.45 percent decline from the second quarter.

Zooming out further, Neta Auto’s cumulative deliveries for the period spanning from January to September amounted to 97,770 vehicles. Despite the challenges, this figure represents a 12.07 percent year-on-year decrease.

Neta Auto’s current lineup comprises budget-friendly models such as the Neta Aya and Neta U, along with its flagship sedan, the Neta S, and the sports car, the Neta GT.

The company has expressed its intent to broaden its horizons by venturing into international markets, with a particular focus on Southeast Asia. This strategic expansion reflects Neta Auto’s efforts to navigate the evolving global automotive landscape and tap into new opportunities beyond its domestic market.

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