Mercedes-EQ Formula E team launched four electric bike models

The Mercedes-EQ Formula E team launched four electric bicycle models at once last Wednesday (25/5/2022), namely: Formula E, Silver Arrows, Silver Arrows Sport, and Championship Edition.

Each bike is designed to serve the various mobility needs of riders. But for sure, each electric bike model gets an upgrade compared to the old model, with battery capacity increasing by up to 30%.

All electric bike models launched incorporate Constant Variable Transmission (CVT) as standard in all but the Championship Edition models, which are single-speed.

CVT technology allows the driver to perform manual gear shifts. Gear shifting is done seamlessly as needed. This ensures that the rider never chooses the wrong gear when the road is uphill.

The cheapest of the four electric bike models launched is the Formula E variant, which costs $3,450 and offers 80Nm of torque, 25% more than the standard e-bike.

The Mercedes-EQ Formula E team guarantees a maintenance-free belt drive for up to 32,000 kilometers of use. There is also a digital dashboard feature on the handlebar that provides speed, battery and approximate range information. From a security perspective, the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team is equipped with a password-activated immobilizer.

Of the four models offered, the Formula E and Silver Arrows models have a top speed of 32 km/h for North America and 25 km/h for the rest of the world.

The maximum speed of the Silver Arrows Sport model is 40 km/h while the Championship Edition has a top speed of 45 km/h, where the electric bike of this variant is the most expensive with a tag of 5,800 US Dollars.

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