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Mercedes-Benz increased sales of electric Vans by one third compared to the year-earlier period

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In the 9 months of 2022, sales of Mercedes-Benz eVans have increased by a third compared to the previous year period, thus the German company claims to be a leader in the field of electric mobility.

In the 3rd quarter of 2022, Mercedes-Benz delivered a total of about 100,000 vans to customers, of which about 3,300 are eVans. Despite ongoing challenges worldwide regarding spare parts supply and logistics, the Van division increased sales by 4% to 99,700 vans compared to the previous year’s quarter.

According to an official statement from the Mercedes Benz website, the van segment with personal positions experienced a 32% increase in sales (17,200 units) making a very strong contribution during the July to September period.

For the fully electric V-Class and MPV EQV, sales of these two models in the middle segment increased 21% to 15,700 units. The completely new T-Class has been available since the summer of this year, as well as the commercially positioned Citan, able to convince a large number of customers in the small van segment (+86%).

Mercedes-Benz Vans itself offers premium vehicles and services, always with the aim of leading in terms of brand, customer focus, technology and sustainability. Demand for the commercially positioned Citan vans, (e)Vito, (e)Vito Tourer and (e)Sprinter in the previous year sold 82,400 vans.

Thus, sales of Small Van Citin increased by almost a third compared to the previous quarter, while sales of (e)Sprinter in the big van segment decreased by 8%. The (e)Vito and (e)Vito Tourer mid-size vans recorded a significant 13% increase in sales.

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