Maxus T90 EV specifications : Everything you need to know

Maxus T90 EV specifications

The is an electric version of the MG Extender. SAIC says that the Maxus T90 EV can go up to 330 kilometers on a single charge, can carry a load of 1 tonne, and tow objects weighing 750-1500 kilograms.

The battery pack has a capacity of 88.55kWh and takes 45 minutes to charge from 20-80% at the DC charging point. 150 kw (201 HP) electric motor.

SAIC Maxus has disc brakes at the front and rear, electric power steering, double wishbone front suspension and leaf spring rear suspension. For safety features, it consists of a pair of front airbags, a pair of front-rear curtain airbags, and a pair of front side airbags, ESP, EBA and many more.

Entering the cabin, you can immediately feel the modern aura. A 10.25-inch touchscreen sits in the middle. There are 220V and 12V power outlets available. The seats are made of leather. The driver’s seat can be adjusted electrically, while the front passenger seat can be adjusted mechanically.

The exterior of this electric double cabin vehicle features LED taillights and DRL (daytime running light), as well as halogen headlights.

The Maxus T90 EV costs £49,950 excluding UK tax. Orders can be placed now, and the unit will ship in the first quarter of 2023 the same as the MPV model.

As we mentioned earlier, the Maxus T90 EV is an electric version of the MG Extender, the MG and Maxus are under the Shanghai Industry Corporation (SAIC) Motor group.

The MG Extender is equipped with a 2,000cc 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine producing 161 horsepower and 375 Newton – meters of torque at 1,500 – 2,400 rpm. This is also enriched with the intelligent i-SMART feature that makes the owner connect with his vehicle via a smartphone.

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