Maxus introduces 7.5 tonne electric truck with a range of up to 412 km

Maxus introduces 7.5 tonne electric truck with a range of up to 412 Kilometers

The Chinese auto presented a 7.5 tonne all-electric for the first time at IAA Transportation 2022.

The Maxus Electric Light Truck has a length of 5.85 meters, a width of 2.15 meters and a height of 2.27 meters.

In addition, this truck is equipped with a 128 KwH iron phosphate (LFP) battery, which allows the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) range to range from 210 kilometers to 412 kilometers.

“As our ever-expanding lineup of demonstrates, the Maxus brand goes beyond light . Our long-term goal is to be as relevant in cars and trucks as it is today to the LCV market,” said Jack Zhu general manager of SAIC, Maxus’ parent company, for the region.

The 7.5 tonne truck also has the ability to charge quickly, according to Maxus.

The truck’s battery can be charged in about 1.5 hours at a 100 kW DC station. While the process will take around 11 hours on a 22 kW AC .

Maxus also revealed other details of the , such as the twin rear tires and various assist systems.

This includes an emergency braking system and a lane departure warning system (LDWS) which is designed to detect sudden lane changes.

The Maxus Electric Light Truck will complement the Maxus vehicle model portfolio, which so far consists of small and large vans.

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