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Maserati Participates in the 2023 Formula E Championship using Gen 3 Cars

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Italian carmaker Maserati will field a team in the Formula electric car racing series in 2023. Maserati is back on the single-seater racing field after a “break” of more than six decades.

Maserati will appear in Formula E 2023 with a Gen 3 electric racing car, which is claimed to be the lightest, fastest, and strongest vehicle car with a speed of 320 km/hour.

Quoted from Autoblog today, Monday, January 17, 2022, Formula E and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) call the Gen 3 the most efficient racing car on the planet.

Maserati claims the Gen 3 electric race car for Formula E only requires at least 40 percent of energy with regenerative braking.

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Maserati was successful in F1 in the 1950s. But the two-seater Maserati MC12 flagship race car won 14 titles in the FIA ​​GT sports car racing series between 2004-2010.

Maserati first entered the racing world in 1926 at the Targa Flori event, with the first racing car Tipo 26 bearing the Trident logo on the hood. In this event, Maserati successfully won in the 1.5 liter class.

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