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Lotus Eletre specifications : Everything You should know

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British car manufacturer, Lotus recently launched their latest electric SUV with great power, the Lotus Eletre.

The Lotus Eletre was born thanks to the designers who combined the Emira sports car and the Evija electric car to make the Eletre. As the first hyper-SUV for Lotus, this car comes in a five-door configuration.

In appearance, this SUV has an aggressive yet fierce design. The sharp grille is paired with the main LED technology. Likewise with the use of bumpers with sharp corners. With this design, the Lotus Eletre has good aerodynamics and control.

On the side, the profile of this SUV is low enough to minimize wind resistance. The use of multi-spoke rims with a two-tone finish measuring 23 inches. Behind the rim there are 10-piston calipers made of ceramic to compensate for the great power.

The rear, aggressive curves on the front bumper are also applied to the trunk door. The continuous line model LED lights are very characteristic of electric cars.

Turning to the interior, the dashboard design looks very modern with a striped ambient light that adorns the cabin at night. In the center, there is a 15.1-inch OLED screen with various information including an infotainment system with a Tesla-style UI/UX operating system.

This screen is also connected to 23 2160 watt speakers that have Uni-Q and 3D surround sound technology. Then, the use of a two-spoke steering wheel that combines classic and modern designs.

Talking about performance, this SUV comes in two options, namely an electric drive of 603 hp with 710 Nm of torque and the fastest variant has a power output of 905 hp with 985 Nm of torque. For all variants, electric motors are embedded in all wheels, aka all-wheel drive. For the fastest variant, the manufacturer claims this SUV can accelerate from 0-100 kph in 2.95 seconds.

The electric motor is powered by a 100 kWh battery pack capable of providing a range of up to 600 km. For charging, Lotus provides a 350 kW DC charger package that can charge 0-80% in just 20 minutes, while the standard charger package only has 22kW AC power.

Regarding features, this SUV is equipped with a LIDAR sensor mounted on the top of the windshield to assist the adaptive cruise control system. Other features include Collision Mitigation Support Front, Traffic Sign Information, Door Open Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Front Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Change Assist, Child Presence Detection, Lane Keep Aid with Lane Departure Warning, Parking Emergency Brake, Collision Mitigation Support. Rear, and Emergency Rescue Call.

This Hyper-SUV comes in three variants, namely Eletre, Eletre S, and Eletre R. There are several color options such as Natron Red, Galloway Green, Stellar Black, Kaimu Grey, Blossom Grey, and Solar Yellow. About the price, this car is priced around EUR89,500.

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