Li Auto apologizes for the delay in delivery due to covid restrictions

Li One

said the prevention and control of Covid since late March had a major impact on their production. The lockdown in some cities meant that Li Auto was unable to get parts from some suppliers.

This resulted in delays in vehicle deliveries for some customers, for which Li Auto had to apologize via its app

Li Auto strives to restore the spare parts supply chain while meeting Covid prevention and control requirements in order to minimize delays.

In March, Li Auto shipped 11,034 , up 125 percent over last year. Compared to February shipments, there was an increase of 31 percent.

Officially on April 1st, the price of the Li ONE was increased by RMB 11,800 to RMB 349,800 from RMB 338,000.

Several manufacturers are also experiencing similar problems related to restrictions. has just started their production at the Shanghai Giga after having stopped since March 28, 2022.

Meanwhile, briefly suspended production of not getting spare parts from its supply chain due to Covid 19 restrictions. On April 14, citing an NIO insider as saying that the spare parts supply chain had recovered slightly and production was gradually resuming at the Hefei plant.