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Leapmotor Commences Electric Vehicle Production at Stellantis’ Polish Plant – Report

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Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker Leapmotor, in collaboration with Europe’s Stellantis NV, has initiated EV production at Stellantis’ Tychy plant in Poland, as reported by Reuters.

Jefferies analysts stated that Leapmotor’s first T03 small EVs have rolled off the assembly line in Poland and are on track for mass production in September. The joint venture intends to commence production of its A12 SUV model at the same plant in the first quarter of 2025.

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Leapmotor T03. (Credit: Leapmotor)

Leapmotor is also preparing for localized production of components, according to analysts. Manufacturing costs at the Polish plant are estimated to be between 400 euros ($428) and 500 euros per vehicle, similar to costs at Leapmotor’s production base in China. In contrast, manufacturing costs at the Italian plant are approximately 1,000 euros.

Leapmotor plans to produce the C10 SUV in China and export it to Europe initially due to its higher price tag.

In October 2023, Stellantis announced a 1.5 billion euro investment in Leapmotor, acquiring a roughly 20 percent stake in the company, making it the largest outside shareholder.

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Leapmotor C10. (Credit: Leapmotor)

Leapmotor International, headquartered in Amsterdam and led by Stellantis China’s vice president Xin Tianshu, aims to sell vehicles in Europe starting in September. Stellantis holds a 51 percent stake in the joint venture, with Leapmotor owning the remaining 49 percent.

The joint venture plans to expand its European sales network to 200 outlets by the end of the year, initially covering markets such as Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, and Spain.

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Credit: Leapmotor

Leapmotor’s T03, a compact battery electric vehicle (BEV), is the least expensive model in its lineup. The T03 achieved sales of 35,454 vehicles in 2023, contributing 24.6 percent to Leapmotor’s annual sales of 144,155 units.

Leapmotor’s other models, including the C10, C11, and C01, are offered in both BEV and extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) versions, catering to a wide range of consumers in the EV market.

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