LDV introduces three new electric vehicles for the Australian market

LDV introduces three new electric vehicles for the Australian market

LDV has revealed that it will soon launch three commercial in . The first of the three is the eT60 which will arrive in November 2022 and will be offered in the guise of a 4×2 dual cabin and powered by an 88.5 kWh -ion battery.

The SAIC-backed automaker says the eT60 can cover a range of 330 km (205 miles) on a combined WLTP cycle and can charge from 5-100 percent using an 11 kW charger in 9 hours and from 20-80 percent in 45 minutes with the charger. DC fast power. The version of the T60 looks mostly identical to the ICE-engined model.

Joining the eT60 for launch in November is the , a large all-. The eDeliver 9 will be available in long-wheelbase mid and high-roof variants, in addition to a cabin option. Like the eT60, this van is available with an 88.5 kWh battery pack that gives it a range of 280 km (174 miles). LDV said the eDeliver 9 would be an “ideal partner” for long-distance delivery.

Plugging eDeliver 9 into a DC fast charger for 45 minutes will increase the battery charge from 20 to 80 percent. Fully charging the 11 kW AC 3-phase charger takes approximately 9 hours.

Last but not least is this 9.7-seater LDV Mifa has a 90 kWh lithium-ion battery with a range of up to 440 km (273 miles) depending on the variant. The Mifa 9 can charge 20-80 percent on a DC charger in 36 minutes or on an 11 kW AC charger in 8.5 hours. Full for all three models will be announced in November.

In a statement, LDV Australia’s General Manager, Dinesh Chinappa, said the Australian industry was at an important pivot point and embarked on a journey that many countries had started several years ago.

“LDV is at the forefront of this journey for commercial vehicles. We’ve moved from a challenger brand to an innovator brand. With 92 dealers across the country, it’s important that we continue to lay the foundations for our brand’s future. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the arrival of the vehicle. Australia’s first commercial electric eT60, eDeliver 9 big van and Mifa 9. I look forward to sharing more information in November.”