Lamborghini will launch two supersport hybrid cars with e-fuels

Lamborghini Urus - Lamborghini will launch two supersport hybrid cars with e-fuels

’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), , has revealed that he will launch two supersport hybrids before switching to fully .

According to Winkelmann, the two supersport hybrids need to be launched in order to remain competitive with competitors such as , and .

Lamborghini is setting a strategy for their electrification without losing their current performance which is known for its high quality premium products.

“We do not yet know if there will be a large enough quantity of this fuel to meet the needs of all manufacturers,” Winkelmann said

Previously Stephan Wilkelmann had announced their electrification strategy named Direzione Cor Tauri Road Map.

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Stephan Wilkelmann said Lamborghini’s first car was a two-door 4-passenger Grand Tourer model.

The birth of Lamborghini’s first will be a new development direction for the Italian manufacturer.

In the Direzione Cor Tauri Road Map, Lamborghini suggests the possibility of a car to be introduced in 2024.

The roadmap also states plans to convert existing products into electric cars. It’s just that Winkelmann hasn’t confirmed which model will use the electric powertrain