Kymco Ionex Many 110 EV – Specifications, Battery and Range

Kymco Ionex Many 110 EV - Kymco Ionex Many 110 EV - Specifications, Battery and Range

officially launched the Ionex in . Before that, this Taiwanese company also had the opportunity to showcase its of scooters and battery at the 2021 EICMA exhibition.

During the exhibition, Kymco gave a glimpse of the new platforms, including the Ionex electric ecosystem, which is more than just the ecosystem. In addition to standard charging points, Kymco is also building a swappable battery hub and station.

EV owners can use a standard wall outlet to recharge their electric scooters at home. But for those on the go, this Ionex model has an internal core battery that allows the rider to stay on the road with a replaceable battery system for recharging.

The Ionex Mary 110 EV electric scooter is equipped with five interchangeable batteries. This battery is capable of traveling a maximum distance of 199.5 kilometers in full condition. This charging only takes 1 hour to fully charge.

This electric scooter weighs about 93 kilograms and is capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 49 kilometers per hour. Kymco Ionex is claimed to be very suitable for bulldozing busy urban streets in Rome, Milan, to Naples.

The Kymco Ionex electric scooter is equipped with a digital instrument panel with navigation. The instrument panel is also integrated with the Kymco app which allows users to find charging stations and check the current battery status.

Kymco itself has not released the full model and official list of the Ionex Many 110 EV. In Italy, these scooters will be distributed by KMI, of the Padana Sviluppo group, as the official Kymco brand holder agent in Italy.