Kymco Introduces Ionex Many 110 EV Electric Scooter

Ionex Many 110 EV - Kymco Introduces Ionex Many 110 EV Electric Scooter

If you’re not an early adopter of electric vehicles, chances are some barriers to entry still exist. Barriers are like range, station access or lower prices. However, manufacturers continue to develop technology, infrastructure, and affordability with each generation.

Taiwan’s with brand Ionex aims to break down the remaining barriers with its entry into the Italian market. However, this isn’t the first time Ionex is coming to the Italian market as Kymco has presented a range of electric scooters and swappable technology at EICMA 2021.

Not only standard charging points, Kymco has also built a swappable battery hub and fast . Owners can also use a standard wall outlet to recharge the at home. However, for those of you looking to hit the road for the races, the Ionex models have an internal core battery that seems to keep the rider on the road when the replaceable battery is recharged.

When charged with five interchangeable batteries, the Ionex Many 110 EV from Kymco can reach 124 miles before charging. City commuters and commercial commuters can minimize downtime with each power unit which takes only one hour to fully charge.

The Ionex Many 110 EV also weighs 207 pounds and reaches up to 31 mph and this model is likely to perform smoothly on the busy streets of Rome, Milan and Naples. The company also pairs accessibility with technology and digital dashboards that offer navigation. The integrated application also allows users to find charging stations and check the current battery status.

Of course, the Ionex Many 110 EV has met the needs of urban motorists, but the company has not provided information about its official price list. We also know that KMI (from the Padana Sviluppo group) will distribute Ionex scooters throughout Italy.

Electric vehicles still have roads before they reach full maturity, but the Ionex Kymco line definitely removes many barriers to entry for city dwellers.