Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Kia Rolls Out $5,000 Discount on 2024 EV9 Electric SUV, Following Rivals’ in Price Cuts

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Kia has unveiled a tempting offer for those eyeing its inaugural three-row electric SUV, the 2024 EV9. With a $5,000 customer cash discount now in play, the timing might be perfect for prospective buyers.

The EV9 made its market debut in November last year, boasting a starting price of $54,900. Kia positioned it as a groundbreaking addition to the electric vehicle landscape, signaling a bold shift in the industry.

Demand for the spacious electric SUV has been robust, with 2,726 units sold in the US during the first two months of this year. Surpassing the sales figures of Kia’s first dedicated EV, the EV6, which saw 2,522 units sold during the same period.

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Credit: Kia

Responding to market dynamics and recent price adjustments in its home market, Kia has introduced a new incentive for the 2024 EV9 in the US.

As per a memo shared with dealers (reported by CarsDirect), Kia is offering a $5,000 customer cash discount on all 2024 EV9 trims. This represents a 33% increase over the previous discount of $3,750.

With the $5,000 discount, the starting price of the EV9 can drop to $51,395 (inclusive of destination charges). Additionally, Kia is offering a $1,000 loyalty discount, potentially totaling up to $6,000 in savings. Customers might even find an additional $1,000 hidden dealer cash bonus.

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Kia EV9. Credit: Kia

Leasing the EV9 could be an even more enticing option, with Kia providing $7,500 in lease cash. Furthermore, recent rate adjustments have lowered the lease rate by $20 per month to a competitive 2.99%.

Despite Kia’s directive to dealers to refrain from price markups, some are reportedly adding as much as $7,000 over the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) due to the high demand.

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Credit: Kia

In a separate move, Kia has introduced its most affordable EV6 lease yet. Priced at $279 per month, the 2024 Kia EV6 lease is more economical than many gas-powered vehicles, including the 2024 Toyota RAV4 LE, and even undercuts the Tesla Model 3.

Kia’s latest discount offering for the EV9 aligns with similar strategies recently adopted by competitors such as Ford and Nissan. With an increasing number of electric vehicles entering the market, automakers are exploring more competitive pricing strategies to attract consumers.

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