Kawasaki Electrode : specifications, battery and price

Kawasaki Electrode equipped with a 36V 5.1Ah 250 watt battery.

Kawasaki Electrode

has finally entered electrification, though not with an e-motorcycle or e- model. Kawasaki started electrification with the Electrode 2023 which is a balance model.

On June 7, 2022, Kawasaki launched the Electrode 2023 as its first electric . Balance bikes are intended for children aged 3-8 years. It seems that Kawasaki wants to introduce its electrification products early.

This is made for young children who want to play motocross. The engine capacity is only equivalent to 50-80cc, which is included in the popular racing class in America.

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The electrodes are equipped with a 36V 5.1Ah 250 watt . Kawasaki claims that this electric motorbike can be ridden for about 150 minutes. This battery is located in the frame of the bike, and can be charged in about 2.5 hours.

Based on Kawasaki testing the battery has a lifespan of 500 charge cycles, after which it should hold about 80 percent of its original capacity. Fortunately, this Kawasaki Electrode can be recharged with an ordinary household electrical socket.

The electrodes sport a lightweight aluminum frame, and the suspension is stiff at both ends. In the wheel sector, the rim uses 16-inch cast aluminum material, and is equipped with 160mm rear disc brakes.

The seat is height-adjusted for children 3 to 8 years old. The motor itself weighs up to 45 kilograms. When it comes to performance, the Electrode has three power modes: Low, Medium, and High.

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For security, the three modes have a passcode that can be accessed by parents. As a result, children are kept safe at a speed that is safe for children who try it for the first time.

Low speed is 5 mph, Medium is 7.5 mph, and High peaks at 13 mph. Best of all, there’s a footpeg on the Electrode that can be folded out of the way to be used as a push bike.

The Kawasaki Electrode 2023 comes in only one color, Lime Green. At its launch, this electric motorbike was priced at US$1,099