Iveco announced order for 5 E-Way electric buses from Seville

iveco bus eway 12m 1920x10801036 1 - Iveco announced order for 5 E-Way electric buses from Seville

will deliver five 12-meter E-Way electric buses for Seville's sustainable Urban Transport (TUSSAM) fleet. The Italian bus company, Iveco, uses the E-Way for TUSSAM which uses a synchronous electric traction motor with a nominal power of 160 kW, NMC ZEN battery with a capacity of 460 kWh, integrated on the roof and behind the vehicle.

For charging the battery, it is quite simple and safe, because through the CCS2 Combo socket which produces 100 kW of power, for a full charge in less than four hours.

The ability of the Iveco E-Way bus, of course, cannot be doubted, because it is already used on networks in France, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria and Germany. The bus operates every day and to date has crossed millions of kilometers.

Providing a good ratio of reach to passenger capacity, according to the manufacturer, the E-Way has the power to ensure full day operation. This model has achieved 2 certified Run records demonstrating outstanding reliability and outstanding performance.

The second Record Run was carried out under real operating conditions at the initiative of the customer, the company Jserman Verkerhrsbetriebe Bachstein, using the E-Way 12 m overnight charging with a 350 kWh battery.

The result, certified by TÜV Nord, was 543 kilometers on a single charge without any problems, leaving a residual load of 3% at the end of the test.

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