Monday, July 15, 2024

Inaugural UIM E1 Championship Series Marks a Watershed Moment for Electric Boat Racing

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The first-ever UIM E1 Championship Series commenced its inaugural season with electrifying races on the Red Sea in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, over the weekend. Notably, Marc Anthony’s Team Miami secured pole position heading into the second day of racing, attracting attention to the league’s debut. Here are the final results from the historic event.

The UIM E1 Series has been on a multi-year journey, with founders gearing up for this weekend’s first Grand Prix (GP). Friday’s qualifying races included time trials to determine pole position for the semi-finals. Team Miami, led by Marc Anthony, emerged with the fastest time, earning a crucial point towards the season championship in Hong Kong.

Saturday witnessed the eight initial E1 teams divided into two separate semi-final rounds, each featuring two races with one male and one female pilot per team. Team standings were determined by the combined points of both races, paving the way for the top two teams in each semi-final to advance to the Super Final. This final race not only secured a spot on the podium but also offered maximum points towards the championship.

The Super Final comprised two races, allowing both pilots on each team an opportunity to compete. One championship bonus point was awarded to the team with the fastest overall lap. Meanwhile, the bottom four teams engaged in the “place race” to earn remaining points. The point system is subject to the specific results of each E1 GP event.

The inaugural Super Final featured teams owned by prominent figures, including Team Brady, Team Rafa, Team Miami, and Blue Rising, owned by cricket star Virat Kohli.

After the first Super Final race, Team Rafa took the lead, closely followed by Team Miami and Team Brady. The second Super Final race witnessed intense competition, with Team Brady ultimately seizing the lead. Sam Coleman’s stellar performance led Team Brady to claim first place in the first-ever E1 GP, securing 20 points.

As the UIM E1 Championship Series gains momentum, the current standings following the Jeddah GP results are as follows:

  • Team Brady: 20 points
  • Team Miami: 17 points
  • Team Rafa: 14 points
  • Team Blue Rising: 10 points
  • Sergio Perez E1 Team: 8 points
  • Team Drogba: 5 points
  • Aoki Racing Team: 3 points
  • Team Brazil: 1 point

The excitement continues with the next E1 GP set to unfold in Venice, Italy, on May 11-12.

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