Hyundai’s N Vision 74 Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Supercar Reportedly Heading for Limited Production in 2026


The much-anticipated Rolling Lab, an innovative hydrogen fuel-cell powered (EV) with retro- aesthetics, is rumored to enter “mass-” for a limited run of 100 cars in 2026, according to a report by Korean outlet ET News.

While similar speculations surfaced in May of 2023, Hyundai had swiftly refuted them. This time, ET News claims the news is confirmed, although specific sources are not provided, and the company has yet to issue a denial.

Reportedly, only 70 of the 100 cars produced will be available for sale, with Hyundai retaining the remaining 30 for participation in races. The production model is said to deviate from the original , boasting an increased power output from 680 hp to an impressive 800 hp, resulting in a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of just 3 seconds. The driving is expected to be between 400-500 km (~250-300 miles), a reduction from the initial 600+ km projection.

Inspired by the 1974 Hyundai Pony Coupe, the N Vision 74 serves as a “Rolling Lab” proof-of-concept for a high-performance hydrogen-powered hybrid electric supercar. The vehicle utilizes a 4.2 kg hydrogen to charge its 62.4 kWh , propelling rear-wheel dual motors. The production version's drivetrain remains uncertain, but the hybrid fuel-cell configuration is expected to persist.

Hyundai's commitment to hydrogen-powered vehicles is evident through the success of its Nexo FCEV, the highest-selling car in its category with 10,700 units sold, and its of hydrogen-powered Xcient FCEV Class 8 trucks operating in California.

Pending official confirmation from Hyundai, this report should be regarded as speculative. Nonetheless, it reflects the heightened anticipation surrounding the potential production of the N Vision 74, which may influence Hyundai's future decisions in this regard.

Source: Auto Blog

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