Hyundai and Rolls-Royce to develop all-electric and hydrogen flight technology

hyundai rolls royce hydrogen 1024x503 - Hyundai and Rolls-Royce to develop all-electric and hydrogen flight technology

and Rolls-Royce signed a memorandum of understanding to develop electric-propelled aircraft and fuel cell . The partnership will leverage Rolls-Royce's flight and certification capabilities combined with Hyundai's hydrogen technology.

In an effort to lead the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Regional Air Mobility (RAM) markets with advanced sustainable aviation, this Hyundai and Rolls-Royce deal will emphasize technology development.

The company will focus on developing technology and power and propulsion system requirements for Hyundai's Advanced Air Mobility Division. The two companies will also collaborate on the industrialization of Rolls-Royce's power and propulsion systems for the AAM market.

“The advanced air mobility market offers huge commercial potential, and this collaboration supports our shared ambition to lead in the advanced air mobility market,” said Rolls-Royce Electrical President Rob Watson.

Hyundai will focus on developing an electric propulsion system based on hydrogen fuel cells as an energy source. Hyundai and Rolls-Royce will work together to bring a shared fuel cell electric propulsion system to reach a wider AAM market and also aim to provide a shared fuel cell electric aircraft demonstration by 2025.

“We believe this to be a key technology to support the global aviation industry's goal of flying clean zero carbon by 2050,” said Hyundai Motor Group President Jaiwon Shin.

The use of a hydrogen fuel cell system in the propulsion system of this electric aircraft is believed to be able to produce an onboard power source without emissions and also produce a quiet sound. In addition, this hydrogen fuel cell is also claimed to be able to offer power and long-distance flight range.

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