Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Huawei-Backed Aito Rolls Out Feature Update, Introduces Valet Parking Assistance and Smart Guard

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Aito, supported by tech giant Huawei, has released a feature update to its compatible vehicles, introducing a suite of functionalities that include Valet Parking Assistance and Smart Guard. These core features are supplemented by two entertainment-based additions—a new music-learning app and a game for the infotainment system.

The Valet Parking Assistance system is designed to simplify the parking process. Applicable to Aito vehicles equipped with the Smart Driving package, this feature enables cars to map out parking areas, be it an open space or a multi-story parking lot, during the first entry. Utilizing built-in sensors, the car then maps the entire area, allowing drivers to instruct the vehicle to park autonomously in a vacant spot. Despite this automated process, drivers retain the ability to take control over parking at any moment.

The Smart Guard feature is Aito’s answer to Tesla’s Sentry Mode. The system activates all available cameras when it detects someone approaching the vehicle or if another car gets perilously close. Equipped with a variety of sensors and visual algorithms, Smart Guard aims to predict and record scenarios that may lead to incidents, including vibration detection.

These newly-introduced features mark Aito’s ongoing efforts to refine both the safety and user experience aspects of its vehicles. While Valet Parking Assistance and Smart Guard enhance practical functionalities, the new music-learning app and game addition to the infotainment system offer a more rounded, entertaining in-car experience.

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