Honda Withdraws Honda e Electric Model from European Market Due to Low Sales


Honda has officially pulled its Honda e electric model from the European market, according to a confirmation from the European headquarters of the Japanese car manufacturer. While the company acknowledges that the Honda e attracted “many new customers to the brand,” it is widely speculated that the decision is primarily influenced by the relatively low figures.

Although Honda has not disclosed specific sales figures in their statement, a glance at German statistics suggests that the Honda e may not have been commercially viable. The German Federal Motor Transport Authority KBA reported that only two Honda e vehicles were newly registered in Germany in October, with a total of 101 units registered throughout the year. The statement does not reveal any plans for a direct successor in the small segment at this time.

The withdrawal from the market may be attributed to a combination of factors, including demand and costs. Despite receiving positive reviews for its retro design and modern , the Honda e carried a steep base of 39,900 euros for a small car with a of 220 kilometers according to the WLTP standard, and often less in practical use, owing to its 35.5 kWh pack.

Introduced to European markets in 2020, the Honda e saw a limited edition variant in 2022, with only 50 units released across , making little impact on overall sales figures. In late 2022, the Honda e was part of a V2G pilot project, marking the last significant announcement for the model in Europe.

The official statement outlines Honda's commitment to continuing electrification efforts in the European region. The future focus will shift to the e:Ny1, which has shown more promising figures with 21 new registrations in Germany in October and a total of 189 vehicles registered this year.

The withdrawal of the Honda e underscores the challenges faced by automakers in the competitive market and highlights Honda's strategic shift towards models with greater market potential.

Source: Electrive

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