Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Honda U-BE specifications : Everything you need to know

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The Honda U-BE is one of the new electric motorcycles introduced together with the Honda U-GO in the Chinese market.

By design, the two are similar, the same as the letter U, but the difference is that the Honda U-BE looks smaller.

Both are standard equipment like motorbikes, such as full LED lights with DRL to mirrors and number plate holders. The difference is that the Honda U-BE is only equipped with a single seat, so it can only be climbed by one person.

The features are not inferior to current electric motors, such as digital instrument panels, USB ports and even equipped with a smartkey system.

For the driving motor model itself, it uses a hub model, integrated to function as the rear wheel and available 15/20/24 Ah power options.

Located behind the seat, contains a li-ion battery with a capacity of 48 Volt and can be used to cover a distance of up to 85 km on a single full charge.

Similar to the Honda Beat, the front brake system uses discs with 1-piston calipers and drum brakes at the rear.

As for the front suspension uses a telescopic type and a double rear. The weight itself is relatively light for a motorbike, which only weighs 51 kg.

Obviously with a cute appearance and compact weight, this motorbike is suitable for transportation needs in urban areas.

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