Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Honda officially produces Swap Power Pack Exchanger batteries for electric vehicles

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Honda Motor Co., Ltd. together with its business partner, Gachaco Inc., officially started the production and sales of the Honda Power Pack Exchanger e in Japan.

Honda Power Pack Exchanger e: is a battery device that can be exchanged, it can simultaneously charge the power unit on the Honda Mobile Power Pack (MPP) e:.

Users can also have access to a fully charged MPP e whenever needed at the battery exchange station and enable efficient use of electric mobility products without waiting for the battery to be recharged.

Product details and other explanations regarding the Honda Power Pack Exchanger e can be found on the website page.

This device will also be developed as a battery infrastructure that can be used widely, for the Japanese domestic market and also does not rule out the possibility of being exported to various countries.

Honda Power Pack Exchanger e: features a minimalist exterior design, for use in urban areas and adopts the Honda Power Pack Cloud system, which manages all the information needed for the battery to be centralized with service operations in the cloud.

In addition, this device also provides convenience and friendliness for users of electric-based mobility products.

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