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Hino Motors launches Dutro Z EV electric truck, range up to 150 km

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Hino Motors, Ltd. has officially launched its first electric battery truck, the Hino Dutro Z EV in Japan. This light duty truck is Hino’s new proposal towards a “last mile of logistics” future with carbon neutral vehicles.

This Hino Dutro Z EV reflects customer feedback on ease of use in the field by having a very low floor structure based on the newly developed special chassis of the BEV, making it easier to handle cargo in and out of the vehicle thereby contributing to reduced driver load.

Despite having a compact body, this truck has cargo space which is claimed to be ideal for all deliveries in urban areas. Hino also offers a variety of conversions such as boxes, walk-through vans to tubs according to customers’ business needs.

“The Hino Dutro Z EV, is a truck that we can confidently propose going into the future. We listened to their valuable opinions and now we are finalizing it,” said Hino Motors President, Satoshi Ogiso in a statement, Thursday (4/8/2022).

Externally, the appearance of the Hino Dutro Z EV is not much different from its counterparts with conventional engines. It’s just that the most striking difference is in the front grille which is removed and replaced as the truck’s electric charging compartment.

Regarding dimensions, Hino’s first electric light duty truck has overall dimensions of 4,700 mm in length, 1,700 mm in width, 2,300 mm in height and has a ground clearance of 400 mm and has a total vehicle weight of 3.5 tons.

The Hino Dutro Z EV is equipped with an AC Synchronous Motor type electric motor coupled with a Lithium-Ion electric battery with a capacity of 40 kWh. As a result, this electric truck produces 67 hp of power and is able to cover a distance of up to 150 km (WLTC).

Like conventional models, the truck’s electric motor is mounted just below the driver’s cabin along with the transmission that drives the front wheels. While the battery and other electrical compartments are installed in the middle and rear chassis.

As a commercial vehicle that is ready to run in urban areas with a total payload of 1 tonne, this truck is of course equipped with the latest safety features such as Accidental Start Prevention Function, Clearance Sonar, Lane Departure Warning, Electric Parking Brake as well as rear camera and inner mirror. electronic.

On the other hand, Hino has leveraged its Cube-Linx group to create solutions for mounting electric commercial vehicles and peripheral equipment such as chargers, as well as for energy management, which is essential for safe and efficient operation.

In addition, Hino is also collaborating with CJPT ( Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies) which will promote the project to deploy CASE technology in commercial business, for the deployment of electric commercial vehicles.

Hino also claims to have internalized the technology needed for the mass production stage of its electric vehicles, and will use it in the development of electric vehicles in the future.

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