Friday, July 12, 2024

Hertz collaborates with BP Pulse to set up fast charging network at car rental locations

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Hertz has been attracting attention for some time with large electric vehicle deliveries to several major manufacturers. Now, the car rental service announced a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with BP Pulse to set up a fast charging network at its car rental locations in the US.

With this collaboration, a network of EV charging stations will be built powered by BP Pulse to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

“Hertz is accelerating electrification adoption by investing in the largest electric vehicle rental fleet in North America and expanding the availability of charging stations,” Stephen Scherr, CEO of Hertz, said in a press release shared on Twitter.

Scherr is also very pleased to be partnering with BP Pulse in creating a national charging infrastructure for the Hertz EV fleet, which is expected to increase the number of charging options available to its customers.

The agreement also involves customizing Omega Hertz’s software to ensure its fleet of electric rental cars continues to be recharged quickly and efficiently between rentals.

Omega is an app to operate the Hertz fleet by automating charging when power prices are low, while providing real-time visibility into EVs, chargers, power usage and more.

“It’s brilliant to join Hertz quite simply, they are one of the biggest names on the road,” said Bernard Looney, chief executive of BP Pulse.

Looney also believes that working together to provide charging facilities and design solutions can take the EV driving experience to the next level for US customers.

Through large-scale purchases from Tesla, Polestar and GM, Hertz has amassed a fleet of tens of thousands of EVs, which are available at 500 Hertz locations in 38 states. Hertz’ goal is for a quarter of its fleet to be electrified by the end of 2024.

BP Pulse will begin installing charging infrastructure at 25 Hertz rental locations in several states by 2022.

Volkswagen and BP plan to expand their electric charging partnership to other regions

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