Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Fraport Inks Landmark Deal with Ebusco for Electric Buses at Frankfurt Airport

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Fraport, the renowned airport operator, has taken a pioneering stride towards greener transportation solutions with its recent two-year framework agreement alongside Dutch manufacturer Ebusco. The landmark deal encompasses the procurement of up to eight Ebusco 3.0 electric buses, each measuring an impressive twelve meters in length. Notably, this partnership marks the inaugural use of the Ebusco 3.0 model within an airport setting, highlighting Fraport’s commitment to cutting-edge sustainable practices.

The contractual arrangement features an initial order of four Ebusco 3.0 electric buses, with the provision for an additional four units under consideration. The introduction of these cutting-edge electric buses, equipped with three doors, a low-floor design, and a battery pack boasting a capacity exceeding 250 kWh, is set to revolutionize Frankfurt Airport’s internal mobility landscape.

Ebusco made its debut with the Ebusco 3.0 series in June, further solidifying its presence as a trailblazer in electric bus manufacturing. Despite the widespread acclaim garnered by the Ebusco 2.2, it is the advanced capabilities of the 3.0 model that have captivated Fraport’s attention.

By opting for the 250 kWh battery configuration, Fraport’s electric solo-buses gain remarkable versatility, courtesy of their composite construction. This design choice translates to a potential range of up to 350 kilometers, ensuring seamless daily airport operations without compromise. Wolfgang Hackauf, Ebusco’s Sales Director Germany, expressed enthusiasm for the diverse applications of their buses, particularly their suitability for airport transport, setting the stage for an impactful collaboration with Fraport.

Thorsten Clemens, Fraport’s Project Manager Fleet Management, underscored the significance of electric mobility in the airport’s commitment to climate protection and forward-looking operational practices. Clemens emphasized that the Ebusco 3.0 buses herald a new era for Fraport’s fleet, spearheading the organization’s sustainable endeavors for years to come. Notably, Ebusco’s innovative battery placement within the vehicle’s floor structure, as opposed to the roof, results in a height reduction of 26 centimeters compared to the Mercedes eCitaro, attesting to the model’s thoughtful design.

Fraport’s dedication to achieving net-zero CO2 emissions by 2045 is evident in its ongoing fleet transformation initiatives. With 16% of its fleet already equipped with electric propulsion systems as of October 2022, the airport operator is making significant strides toward this ambitious goal. A comprehensive investment of nearly €1.2 million is allocated to expanding charging infrastructure on the apron by the end of 2024, complemented by a €17 million plan for the electrification of specialized ground handling vehicles.

In parallel, Ebusco is charting its path towards substantial growth, aiming for an annual production capacity of 3,000 buses in the foreseeable future. Having introduced the 12-meter Ebusco 3.0 version in 2019 and an 18-meter articulated variant in late 2022, the company’s innovative spirit is on full display. While two pre-series Ebusco 3.0 units have been operational in Germany for over a year, line 100 in Munich has witnessed their pioneering performance.

As Fraport and Ebusco join forces to usher in a new era of sustainable airport mobility, the partnership underscores the potent combination of visionary transportation solutions and determined climate-conscious action.

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