Monday, July 22, 2024

Fisker Unveils Digital See-Through A-Pillar Feature in Sub-$30,000 Pear EV

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Fisker, the California-based automaker, has announced that its upcoming sub-$30,000 electric vehicle, the Pear EV, is set to feature a cutting-edge digital see-through A-pillar designed to improve visibility and safety. Scheduled for production in Ohio starting July 2025, the system utilizes a surround-view camera setup to capture obscured areas during left-hand turns, providing a live image feed to an interior display.

While no visuals of the feature in action were released, Fisker plans to showcase the innovation on a production-intent model at its flagship Lounge at The Grove in Los Angeles. The Pear EV, along with the Alaska pickup prototype, will be on public display from November 18 to November 26, offering a closer look at Fisker’s latest offerings.

Fisker’s Chairman and CEO, Henrik Fisker, expressed excitement about the upcoming Pear EV and Alaska pickup, noting the company’s commitment to redefining their respective automotive segments. The Pear EV, priced at $29,900 before incentives in the U.S., will include Fisker’s new Cockpit Compute system, a component of the proprietary Fisker Blade computer, set to go into production. Fisker emphasizes full ownership of the software code through in-house development teams.

The Blade computer, boasting up to 6.2 teraflops of power, establishes connections with sensors and electronic components via a multi-gigabit internal Ethernet connection. Additionally, the Pear EV’s computing system features high-speed 5G cellular and Wi-Fi 6 wireless network connections to facilitate external connectivity.

Offering two battery pack options, providing estimated ranges of 180 miles or 320 miles, the Pear EV’s base models will feature a single rear-mounted electric motor, while upper trim levels will incorporate a dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup. Inside, customers can opt for a five- or six-seat layout, with the latter including a single driver’s seat and a two-person bench seat replacing the singular passenger seat and center console of the five-seat configuration.

Meanwhile, the Alaska pickup, based on an elongated version of the Ocean SUV platform, is slated for production in the first quarter of 2025, with a starting price of $45,400 before incentives. Fisker continues to position itself as a forward-looking player in the electric vehicle market, unveiling innovations aimed at affordability, technology, and safety.

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