Ferrari plans to present its first electric vehicle in 2025

Ferrari plans to present its first electric vehicle in 2025

It must be admitted, the world trend is starting to develop into environmentally friendly . Even the electrified vehicle segment has begun to expand to brands that have been thick with high- cars such as Porsche. And recently, the legendary Italian automotive brand, , is reportedly interested in making a car with this electrification .

In an interview conducted by Top Gear as reported by Motor1 on Saturday (17/9/2022), Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna said Ferrari plans to make an industrial transition that leads to environmentally friendly vehicles. He said that sooner or later, the world’s automotive industry will be completely dependent on electrified vehicles.

And to pursue the electrification segment, Vigna said that Ferrari is ready to introduce its first which will be launched in 2025. He said that this car from Ferrari will be present while maintaining a unique model and still showing the characteristics of Ferrari as an iconic sports car brand.

In the development of electric cars later, Vigna said that later Ferrari will combine the traditions possessed by Ferrari and innovations from various technological developments that exist in the automotive world today. “Right now we are working hard to maintain the Ferrari signature while leveraging a wide of expertise that can be used for many years to come,” said Vigna.

At the beginning of 2022, Ferrari actually showed a patent that showed how electric and hybrid cars from Ferrari would be in the future. This patent design shows the drivetrain and compartment that will be used. Later there are several battery packs that will be placed under the higher passenger compartment behind it.

In addition, the Maranello-based brand has shown how this Ferrari electric car features a quad-motor setup inspired by STMicroelectronics. This happens because Vigna understands how to use this technology by utilizing Analog, MEME or Micro-Electromechanical System and Sensors Group from STMicroelectronics which he previously led.

Ferrari’s plan to launch its first electric car in 2025 is the first step of Ferrari’s electrification plan. Because later in 2030, Ferrari targets to control 40% of their electric car production. It will be interesting to see how Ferrari is doing in presenting this revolutionary electrified vehicle in the future.

Ferrari want to going fully electric by 2030

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