Saturday, July 13, 2024

F-150 Lightnings electric save the day with power in flood-damaged Kentucky homes

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Electric vehicles are huge power banks that can be used for emergency power needs. The F-150 Lightning was recently used to provide portable power during Kentucky’s flood response.

Ford has sent two electric F-150 Lightnings to help with Kentucky’s flood response, providing transportation for crews to help 10-15 families return to their homes per day.

Massive flooding has hit Kentucky since late July, resulting in 37 deaths and tens of thousands of Kentucky residents living without electricity. The water level is an all-time record for the region, and is described as a weather event with a 0.1% chance of occurring in any given year.

Power outages made it difficult for disaster response crews to turn on their equipment. The electric F-150 Lightnings electric truck has proven to be a reliable source of portable power.

Ford CEO Jim Farley shares a video of two F-150 Lightning electric trucks used for disaster response in Kentucky.

The F-150 Lightning electric truck is equipped with “Intelligent Backup Power”, which can be used as a power source for homes. This technology is commonly referred to as “vehicle-to-home” or “vehicle-to-load.”

The F-150 Lightning electric truck provides up to 9.6kW of power through ten 120v outlets and one 240v outlet. With a base 98kWh battery, that power can last up to 10 hours on maximum usage.

The power is used to run power tools, lights, and fans to help clear debris from the street and perform “stool removal” on flooded homes.

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